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Statement Suspending the Third Hunger Strike

The Prisoners Showed a Lot of Character With This Hunger Strike. It isn’t in vain. The Lord is watching and listening to the prayers of many. As an ex prisoner, I can tell you that those prisoners have broke color lines and gang lines to come together for human rights and redemption. They have been promoting peace, yet their accusers, the Gov, his mouthpiece and most of the media hype up terror tactics about gangs. It isn’t over, the momentum has shifted, unseen forces are pushing the victory closer as the spotlight shines brighter. Thanks for all the great reporting.


Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

Greetings of Solidarity and Respect!

The PBSP-SHU, Short Corridor Collective Representatives hereby serve notice upon all concerned parties of interest that after nine weeks we have collectively decided to suspend our third hunger strike action on September 5, 2013.

To be clear, our Peaceful Protest of Resistance to our continuous subjection to decades of systemic state sanctioned torture via the system’s solitary confinement units is far from over. Our decision to suspend our third hunger strike in two years does not come lightly. This decision is especially difficult considering that most of our demands have not been met (despite nearly universal agreement that they are reasonable). The core group of prisoners has been, and remains 100% committed to seeing this protracted struggle for real reform through to a complete victory, even if it requires us to make the ultimate sacrifice.  With that said, we clarify this point by stating prisoner…

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I appreciate all the hard work the angel of a lady who runs this website for prison reform. I also appreciate that she has a link to my prison books! God is good. California’s prison system is so overcrowded with petty drug users that medical attention and rehabilitation isn’t possible. When you pack humans into cages like sardines the equation spits out tattooed down gang members. It isn’t a puzzle or a rubix cube.



Prison Reform Movement's Weblog- America: Land of the Free, Home of the Incarcerated

Gov. Brown has declared that the prison crisis that allowed prisoners to die is over and that prisoners are receiving good care. His words, not ours.

We know that is a HUGE LIE. CDCR still refuses to acknowledge there is an issue; they refuse to address the real issues…what is it going to take?

by Mutope Duguma, Sitawa N. Jamaa, Abdul O. Shakur and Sondai K. Dumisani

It is obvious that the governor has not produced any data that supports his claim. Furthermore, the governor is deliberately misinforming the public, because he and the officials of CDCr – the secretary and undersecretary – are arbitrarily choosing not to provide the public with adequate information that pertains to the incompetence that continues to endanger prisoners by murdering them through direct medical neglect and incompetence.

Prisoners in cages await group therapy, Mule Creek State Prison, photo from U.S. District Court briefings
In this photo taken as part of federal litigation over California prison conditions, prisoners await a group…

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Post From Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

Thanks for putting this out there as it is close to my heart. I was once, one of the countless targets in prison of the overzealous, unconstitutional California Department of Corrections. I’ve been through the SHU process and was falsely labelled so I know what the 5 core demands stand for better than most. I write friends who are in the Pelican Bay SHU and am being told CDC is lying to them and setting them up for failure no matter what they do. I’m extremely glad that the prisoners have found this united, peaceful path of protest to shed light on their plight.


Lock Up Diaries cover art with title-001Glenn Langohr in the Orange County Register about his drug war and prison booksIMG_0762

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

ATTENTION: Governor Jerry Brown; CDCR Secretary Jeffrey Beard; and all other parties of interest.

In response to CDCR’s failure to meet our 2011 Five (5) Core Demands, the PBSP-SHU Short Corridor Representatives respectfully present this notice of, and basis for, our indi- vidualized, collectively agreed upon, decision to resume our nonviolent peaceful protest action on July 08, 2013.

The upcoming peaceful protest will be a combined Hunger Strike [HS] – Work Stoppage [WS] action. Once initiated, this protest will continue indefinitely—until all Five (5) Core Demands are fully met. Here’s why.

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Why Glenn Langohr Wrote His Book Race Riot, A Shocking, Inside Look at Prison Life (Prison Killers – Book 1)

Glenn Langohr

Author Glenn Langohrabout his book: I wrote Race Riot to show the world that by sending people to prison for being addicted to drugs, we are breeding bigger criminals where gangs and violence are the calling cards. In prison a drug addict is bred into a displaced human being once released. While in prison, it gets politically racial and everything is solved with violence and gangs are bred. Race Riots over things like drug debts, alcohol, disrespect and any trivial reason are regular things. In Race Riots, BJ, a young convicted drug dealer struggles to survive a race war between the Black and White inmates.

• “A raw, breathless descent through the inner circle of the California Penal Hell. Fraught with detail that only someone who’s been there could know.” — TV Producer Phillip Doran

Infamous convicts like Gary Gilmore, Jack Henry Abbott, and Charles Manson would agree with the rough-and-ready story that is this book. Glenn Langohr’s “Race Riot” ranks right up there with the best in nonfiction prison literature available today.

All of Glenn Langohr’s drug war and prison books are available in print, kindle and audio book to listen to a free sample here-



Another great post by BitcoDavid at DEAFINPRISON…

Lock Up Diaries cover art with titleBestGlennCrouchPK4-100dpi13537495 (1)GiantFedFriendsprison_riotRollCallbookcover207732_101555863188340_8325296_n

By BitcoDavid

This video by I Shot Him, a San Francisco based graphics studio, details the effects of America’s drug war, in Mexico and chronicles the violence by

Mexican Cartels and the military. The video is also available on YouTube, but only with their speech recognition captioning, which even in a simple – single voice – video such as this, is still horribly inaccurate. It’s 2 minutes long, but extremely informative.

It was published by the Washington Post, and brought to my attention by PrisonMovement’s Weblog. The video was Produced by, and created by I Shot Him. The DeafInPrison version was captioned by me.

Here’s the original YouTube link: 


BitcoDavid is a blogger and a blog site consultant. In former lives, he was an audio engineer, a videographer, a teacher – even a cab driver. He is an avid health and…

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This Attorney in San Pedro Rocks, and She’s Cute

Another cool site about California prison gangs and the validation process to solitary.

BestGlennCrouchPK2-300dpiPR-4Lock Up Diaries cover art with title-001meu5mf-b781030719z.120121210140729000gkf1bg9kt.1


In 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court strongly criticized the California’s use of segregation of gang members in prison.  It used to be that you were housed in solitary if you refused to assert your gang affiliation, or worse, the prison officials would assume that you were with a specific gang improperly and house you there anyways.  

The very first “gang” to ever appear in the sate system was the Mexican Mafia (La EME) which was created in the Deuel Vocational Institution in Tracy in the late 1950s.  Currently, in the state prisons the “gang members” primarily consist of Latinos from Southern California, which the Mexican Mafia has times to allegedly. Another known prison affiliation is the Nuestra Familia, another Latino gang, developed in Soledad Prison in the 1960s.  This organization was organized largely in part to protect younger Northern California inmates from members of the Mexican Mafia.  It is…

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The Girl That Reads Interview With Ex-Con Glenn Langohr About His Best Selling Books

The Girl That Reads Interview With Ex-Con Glenn Langohr About His Best Selling Books

To read the interview where it was originally posted go here~

Author Interview: Glenn Langohr

I met Glenn a few months ago, back on bookblogs.ning and found him so interesting that I decided to interview the guy. I was going to wait until I had his book,Underdog: Prison Killers book 4 but I haven’t been able to get to it as of yet with being out of town and all and away from my computer (I’m using my sister-in-laws), but now I’m figuring, why not share it right now?
Before I get to the interview I’d like to thank Glenn for taking time out of his schedule to do this interview and for being so patient with my slow behind. 🙂
TGR: Which actor would you want to portray you if your books were turned into movies?
Glenn: Christopher Walken
TGR: Ick, lol, sorry. But seriously, you couldn’t have picked Vin Diesle? Kidding. I like Walken’s acting… just not his face, lol. Okay, now use 3 words to describe your books.
Glenn: Intense…. Shocking… Revealing
TGR: Ohhh, now that’s a really good choice of 3 words. Pretty intense. Now, what was it that made you want to write about your life?
Glenn:  I wanted to stop living the gangster life. As a runaway from a broken home at 12 years old I became addicted to hustling. The combination of drugs and money and how fast I could stack it became my life for 20 years. While fighting organized crime charges and a life sentence, I started writing from solitary confinement. It became a new addiction. I soon found out that it was a spiritual way to make better sense of an otherwise chaotic life. I now narrate all of my books into audio books and it is helping me develop as a writer.
TGR: What types of books do you read? And who is your favorite author(s)?
Glenn: I love to read thrillers, romance, young adult and classics. One of my favorite authors of all time is Lee Childs. Another one is Tami Hoag. There are so many others, including Danielle Steel. I’m a sucker for love stories.
TGR: Oh I love Tami Hoag, I listened to one of her audio books and fell in love. And I like the fact that you are a big sucker for love stories and young adult books. What is one common misconception people make about you as an author?
Glenn: Everyone wants to know how much of my books are true. That is the first question that the media asks. Since I write about the mafia and dirty cops I always answer, “I paint with the true colors of life on a fictional landscape.”
TGR: Don’t you just hate that, you talk about dirty cops and people question you. It’s like “listen here you dirty little mongrels, there are such things as dirty cops in this world. It’s not a secret.” What is one thing you hope readers take from reading one of your books?
Glenn: That the drug war is a war on people who have an addiction and are poverty stricken. Also, that we need more compassion.
TGR: … I’m not really the one to tell that people need more compassion… I’m not all that compassionate, lol. BUT, it is pretty true.
For those of you wanting more on Mr. Langohr here are some links to help you stalkers out. And again, a big thank you to Glenn for allowing me to interview him.