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My Friend Todd Ashker: History of a One-Sided Dialogue

Thank you for this incredibly deep look! The best I’ve seen from the media yet. I spent 10 years in prison on drug charges and 4 years in Solitary before becoming an author. I’m a normal White guy, no gang affiliation, just a former drug addict and dealer. I was involved in a riot where the northern Mexicans rushed the southern Mexicans and I was in the way, and came to the aid of the outnumbered southern Mexicans. From that point on I was mislabeled a southern Mexican in Solitary. After a SHU term they sent me to another prison and put me back in Solitary. Eventually they realized I wasn’t a southern Mexican but tried to coerce me into saying I was from the NLR or AB. It took another 9 months to get out of Solitary. People don’t understand how many people are in Solitary without any due process to get out! That is just the tip of the iceberg. I Published Underdog and Prison Riot to shine a light on these issues.

What pisses me off greatly is that this new order to force feed inmates is the cruelest blow yet. I’ve been through “cell extractions” so I will paint the picture that is happening with the force feeding. A dozen prison guards ( IGI Gooners ) posted outside each cell with gas masks, shields and adrenaline to rush the cell violently with gas and pepper spray and tactics meant to subdue, hurt and humiliate the inmates. Then force feed them. Imagine how weak they are from 45 days of starvation… Who are the real criminals? I believe in the power of prayer, as my mom prayed my writing career into existence from a cell in Solitary. Please say a prayer for the prisoners. God Bless You.

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Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

By Denis O Hearn. Reposted from the LA Progressive.

My Friend Todd Ashker: History of a One-Sided Dialogue (via LA Progressive)

This is the story of my attempts to speak publicly about my friendship with Todd Ashker, a reputed “leader” of the hunger strike in California’s prisons. Since the latest hunger strike began on July 8, the California authorities have targeted…

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August 7, 2013 Press Conference Challenging CDCR Secretary Jeffrey Beard’s Disinformation

Thanks for posting this! I agree 100% and am furious that the media is swallowing this “Gang Hunger Strike” approach. I spent time in the SHU labeled as a southern Mexican just because I was in a riot where northern Mexicans rushed our side of the dayroom. There isn’t any due process into or out of the SHU. It is CDC kangaroo court and laziness.

I did write a book about it, called, Prison Riot found here in Print, Kindle and Audio Book~



Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

Challenging CDCR Secretary Jeffrey Beard’s Disinformation and Lies Targeting the CA Prisoner Hunger Strike to Stop Solitary Confinement Torture

Report on August 7, 2013 Press Conference in front of LA Times Building; Statements from Notable People and from Families with Loved Ones in Isolation

At 10am today, on Day 31 of the CA prisoner hunger strike, a determined group of ministers, family members with loved ones in the CA SHU’s, revolutionaries, and activists challenged the vicious lies of the State of CA and CDCR head Jeffrey Beard (see below for brief synopsis).

The press conference included Rev. Frank Wulf, pastor of United University Church, Rev. Gary Williams of Hamilton UMC, families whose sons are in the SHU on hunger strike at Pelican Bay including Bertha Nava, Lupe Reynoso and Marie Martin, Keith James of Stop Mass Incarceration Network and Revolution Books in LA and several other speakers. Media included Press…

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This Attorney in San Pedro Rocks, and She’s Cute

Another cool site about California prison gangs and the validation process to solitary.

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In 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court strongly criticized the California’s use of segregation of gang members in prison.  It used to be that you were housed in solitary if you refused to assert your gang affiliation, or worse, the prison officials would assume that you were with a specific gang improperly and house you there anyways.  

The very first “gang” to ever appear in the sate system was the Mexican Mafia (La EME) which was created in the Deuel Vocational Institution in Tracy in the late 1950s.  Currently, in the state prisons the “gang members” primarily consist of Latinos from Southern California, which the Mexican Mafia has times to allegedly. Another known prison affiliation is the Nuestra Familia, another Latino gang, developed in Soledad Prison in the 1960s.  This organization was organized largely in part to protect younger Northern California inmates from members of the Mexican Mafia.  It is…

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Humans Lost in the System

DSC01942I am so glad I met Dr. Annamaria. She works without ceasing to help bring light to darkness by exposing Truth in regards to our Criminal Justice system and the people lost therein. please, read there the whole article! Thank You!

The most recent exonerees are Seth Penalver (No. 142) of Florida and Damon Thibodeaux (No. 141) of Louisiana, both in 2012.

 List of Exonerees Since 1973 (including criteria for inclusion on List) (No. 142 not yet added)

Innocence DatabaseSearchable database of all exonerations since 1973–allows you to search and sort for cases by year, state, race, and other variables. (No. 142 not yet added)

Descriptions of Each ExonerationBy Year of Inmate’s Release:

Exoneration Statistics

News and Developments – Current Year

News and Developments – Previous Years–2011  2010  2009  2008  2007  2006  2005  2004  2003  2002

Further Innocence Information:

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As you know, I spent 10 years in prison on drug charges in California, with 4 years in solitary confinement, before turning that research into books as an author. I got a great review for my 6th book Underdog but the kind lady didn’t agree that money was a big part of the mass incarceration problem. I would love for her to read this post. Check it out.

Prison Reform Movement's Weblog- America: Land of the Free, Home of the Incarcerated

One year ago this month the ACLU published a report titled, “Banking on Bondage: Private Prisons and Mass Incarceration.”

We as a society should be concerned about the rise of the multi-billion-dollar private prison industry that unquestionably profits from mass incarceration.



The imprisonment of human beings at record levels is both a moral failure and an economic one — especially at a time when more and more Americans are struggling to make ends meet and when state governments confront enormous fiscal crises. This report finds, however, that mass incarceration provides a gigantic windfall for one special interest group — the private prison industry — even as current incarceration levels harm the country as a whole. While the nation’s unprecedented rate of imprisonment deprives individuals of freedom, wrests loved ones from their families, and drains the resources of governments, communities, and taxpayers, the private prison industry reaps lucrative rewards. As…

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For California Prison Realignment Hype, Scary Tales Deserve Skepticism

For California Prison Realignment Hype, Scary Tales Deserve Skepticism. Realignment should be more than just moving bodies around. Thanks for this post.

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A Review of Glenn Langohr’s “Underdog”

A Review of Glenn Langohr’s “Underdog”. Wow! I am blessed to have met and work with David Bitco. His site, deafinprison, is a humanitarian effort to give a voice to the voiceless.  Through his tireless research, he shines a spotlight on the inside of our criminal justice system to reveal its sometimes gruesome and torturous activities. Please check it out for yourself and take the time to sign the cause he champions for Felix. A prisoner who shouldn’t be in prison, who needs more angels like David, to bring him out of captivity and give him justice.