Glenn Langohr's Stunning Memoirs– of Life in Prison- In Print, Kindle and Audio Book

I felt Spirit led to start writing in prison on drug charges, bringing a view never before seen; showing the path we are on is only building bigger criminals.

ROLL CALL the book shines a light on the dark, hidden underbelly of the U.S. War on Drugs. The author takes the admonition from the Biblical story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden where the snake tempted, “God doesn’t want you to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge because he doesn’t want you to be as smart as Him,” and relates it to the modern drug war, showing how the American justice system has turned illegal drugs into forbidden fruits; leading to a roller coaster ride of excitement through drug smuggling cartels, to So Cal street gangs, to outlaw bikers all trying to get their piece of the action. Add a good detective squeezed out of the loop by an overzealous narcotic detective; a robust prison union trying to call the shots; and a handful of drug criminals trying to hold on to their conscience; and, you have the perfect recipe for a revolutionary uprising, bound by blood; all leaving the reader wondering, who are the real criminals???


7 thoughts on “I felt Spirit led to start writing in prison on drug charges, bringing a view never before seen; showing the path we are on is only building bigger criminals.

  1. We have to put the Cal prison union in check by showing the public they use terror tactics based on lies to build more prisons and build bigger criminals out of drug addicts. How about we put some of those non-violent drug offenders to work for struggling American companies for the fifteen cents and hour they make in prison. This would help them dig roots in fruitful soil and help them not be so DISPLACED when released. How do I know this? I spent 10 years in prison on drug charges and researched the California prison beast! My 165,000 suspense novel is coming out on Amazon in late August…

  2. I have written a little about this from a UK perspective – prison and the ridiculous drug war, for some posts over the next week or so. Such an important issue, and one it seems you can’t talk intelligently about for all the hysterical idiots who would rather borrow someone else’s opinion than think for themselves.
    Thanks for the follow – I’ll return when I’ve more time and properly look over your site, it’s something I’m interested in but know little about.

  3. Amen! I think america has no idea how much of a total mess our prisons are. We have WAY too many people in there for just minding their own business yet unluckily breaking the law (we all break the law in some manner. Some are just unlucky and get caught. Usually it is to start with an early incident and then they get funneled into the system for the rest of their lives. It is so fucked up and EXPENSIVE!!). I am really glad that we just passed a prop here in CA on Tues. reforming our 3 strikes law as well as our DP laws. It needed some adjustment so you dont end up in prison for the rest of your life for stealing a car!

    • You are so right! Thanks for the comment. I subscribed to your Facebook so friend me if you want. I want to check out some of your art.

      • Thank you! I wish more people understood how we are victimizing our youth and general poor populations through our police (state) environment. Nice job on your blog. It is an important topic and a relevant one that needs some voices. You are speaking on behalf of so many that i am sure that feel like they have no voice. It can become a very empowering thing! Bravo!

  4. Thanks bluepearlgirl. You’re right about our system. If we had all the petty laws, drug war and tough on crime political stuff in the 1960 half the politicians now would still be in prison…

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