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Law Enforcement’s Excessive Force is an Epidemic

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Just this year, the country has seen a rampant plague of violent and excessive force used by law enforcement. The most recent of which is the incident when a police officer in Charlotte, North Carolina shot and killed an unarmed 24-year old former Florida A&M football player.

Early on Saturday morning, Jonathan Ferrell, the victim, was reported to have been in a serious car accident and was out seeking help. It is believed that the severity of the wreck was so intense, Terrell had to “pull himself” from the car. Terrell then struggled to the nearest home to get help, but the woman thought he was a burglar and dialed 911.

Police responded to the call and shot and killed Terrell, who they said acted “aggressively.” Officer Randall Kerrick fired many shots at Terrell, eventually shooting him to death. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Officials said the shooting was “excessive” and that…

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lenn Langohr resides in southern California where he spends his time doing what he loves best, reading and writing. He started writing from prison on drug charges and hasn't stopped since. He is an usher at his church and loves to reach out to other prisoners to help them turn their lives around. Glenn is married to his dream girl, Sanette, who plays Annette in one of his novels. The author will gift his books FREE from the Kindle store to those who can't afford it... Glenn Langohr

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