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Q&A: Question 2 posted

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Q&A: Question 2 posted.

How do you know you are free? Answer. When you are not bound by this world. When living in the flesh, here on earth, people have created to many laws. The laws create the sin or the transgression. Democracy is hypocrisy and perception is reality. That being said, I have been out of prison for 4 years and still am not free, at all times.

I’m free when I’m in church singing praises and living in the spirit. When I leave the church I’m in the world and it is hard to remain free with the cost of living, all the laws, my past that contains 17 drug felonies. It’s hard to blend back in, keep my rights and get a job. All that aside, I’m self employed as an author. I took up writing in prison. I write crime thrillers with a redemptive theme. You can find me at or Glenn Langohr on Amazon or other outlets. Here’s a review for my latest book, Underdog. “Ex-con Langohr can describe the hell of life inside better than any other writer. His vivid passages on just surviving in prison describe a nightmare we’d rather not know about. He compares the plight of abandoned dogs, locked and horribly mistreated in rows of cages in animal shelters, to California prison inmates, locked and abused in the same cages. Not a book for the faint of heart. We who sleep peacefully in our beds at night, unaware of the savagery going on behind prison walls, can only thankfully say: ‘There, but for the grace of God, go I’.” John South American Media

Author: lockdownpublishing

lenn Langohr resides in southern California where he spends his time doing what he loves best, reading and writing. He started writing from prison on drug charges and hasn't stopped since. He is an usher at his church and loves to reach out to other prisoners to help them turn their lives around. Glenn is married to his dream girl, Sanette, who plays Annette in one of his novels. The author will gift his books FREE from the Kindle store to those who can't afford it... Glenn Langohr

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