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Another Great Review for my True Prison Story Prison Riot!

Prison Riot by glenn langohr review

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I was not too surprised when I read Glenn’s latest book Prison Riot. I previously reviewed Underdog here !
This book was about what happens after a prison riot. The prison dynamic is a  hard one to follow, and is not for the faint of heart. Being in lock down was horrible. They do not care if they get your name right, or your information right. The main goal is to keep the prison safe. What has to be done to ensure your own personal safety was a little surreal to me. We take for granted how we live, and our freedom. The thing that I took for granted the most was showers. It is a good thing that these prisoners were not afraid of small spaces. I would be terrified. The guards own you, and everything you do. This is a true story, and that made me feel even more for the innocent prisoners that were not involved in the prison riot. I recommend this to crime buffs everywhere so that they can see the other side of law enforcement. I am Giving this book a 5/5, because I am still interested in reading more from this author. Even though I have already read two of his books.

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Judges Opt for “Drug Courts” in Non-violent Cases

Judges Opt for “Drug Courts” in Non-violent Cases. Check out this awesome post about a solution to the Drug War. Thanks for your tireless work David. I am in favor of drug court compared to prison sentences for low level drug addicts. I have seen some amazing examples of drug addicts recovering and getting back on their feet. The program is incredibly hard and tedious. The offender has to jump through so many hoops like, show up to court every week with requirements such as job search proof, required meetings for sobriety and other mandatory actions. All of that work toward a new life is a far better alternative to a prison sentence where violence and gangs take over as a form of survival. Speaking from experience here.


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Post From Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity


Thanks for putting this out there as it is close to my heart. I was once, one of the countless targets in prison of the overzealous, unconstitutional California Department of Corrections. I’ve been through the SHU process and was falsely labelled so I know what the 5 core demands stand for better than most. I write friends who are in the Pelican Bay SHU and am being told CDC is lying to them and setting them up for failure no matter what they do. I’m extremely glad that the prisoners have found this united, peaceful path of protest to shed light on their plight.


Lock Up Diaries cover art with title-001Glenn Langohr in the Orange County Register about his drug war and prison booksIMG_0762

Originally posted on Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity:

ATTENTION: Governor Jerry Brown; CDCR Secretary Jeffrey Beard; and all other parties of interest.

In response to CDCR’s failure to meet our 2011 Five (5) Core Demands, the PBSP-SHU Short Corridor Representatives respectfully present this notice of, and basis for, our indi- vidualized, collectively agreed upon, decision to resume our nonviolent peaceful protest action on July 08, 2013.

The upcoming peaceful protest will be a combined Hunger Strike [HS] – Work Stoppage [WS] action. Once initiated, this protest will continue indefinitely—until all Five (5) Core Demands are fully met. Here’s why.

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The Raw Truth About Life in the California Prisons by Glenn Langohr and David Bitco


This is the best review of my new prison thriller yet. You want the raw truth, check out the interview and all of my books in print, kindle and audio.

Lock Up Diaries Original Book Coverdownload (1)Gladiator cover WITH TITLEprison_riot

Originally posted on deafinprison:

By BitcoDavid

While reading Prison Riot, I was struck by how similar this story is to the classic Melville novella, Billy Budd. Of course, the latter was written in a much more stilted voice, and was built on Biblical allegory – but the thread of the story is very much the same.

Here we have a power struggle between a cruel and sadistic Corrections Lieutenant, and a fair minded but ineffectual Warden. The victim in that power struggle ends up being the innocent – the powerless everyman,whom in the Melville book was represented by Billy, and in Prison Riot is represented by B.J. and his friend, Giant.

Where the analogy breaks down however, is that Billy Budd was fiction.

Suspension of disbelief is not necessary when the writer actually lived through the hell of the California prison system. As a student of…

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Three boys rescued by prison inmates after canoe capsizes on creek

Three boys rescued by prison inmates after canoe capsizes on creek. Check out this cool site posting stuff about my books. Look at his other post about prisoners rescuing kids while out on a work detail. How cool is that? I love it when prisoners get a chance to show the world they are human also!

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Book: UNDERDOG, A True Crime Thriller of Prison Life (Prison Killers – Book 4) by Glenn Langohr

Glenn Langohr

Author Glenn Langohrabout his book: I wrote Underdog while some of the California prisoners were involved in a peaceful hunger strike to get attention to their plight. I published this book one day after Christian Gomez died from not eating at Corcoran State Prison. This book is especially important to me because I spent 10 years in prison on drug charges and turned my life around through writing while in solitary confinement where the hunger strikes started.


“And ex-con Langohr can describe the hell of life inside better than any other writer. His vivid passages on just surviving in prison describe a nightmare we’d rather not know about. He compares the plight of abandoned dogs, locked and horribly mistreated in rows of cages in animal shelters, to California prison inmates, locked and abused in the same cages.”
— John South, American Media

• “This book does not glamorize prison life but rather accurately reports on the cruel reality, which may shock and frighten many readers. The author skillfully makes the point that the general public has more awareness for and more compassion for caged dogs than for prisoners.”
— JT Kalnay Attorney

Copies for review and interviews available###



A Great Post About Prison Life


This is a fantastic post from my associate at deafinprison. He is delving deep into the machine that is the California Prison System that has been well known for using terror tactics on the public without any one watching their own business.


Author Glenn LangohrPrison Riot By Glenn Langohr in Print, kindle or audio bookLock Up Diaries cover art with title-001Glenn Langohr's Prison BookRoll Call's Book Cover by Glenn LangohrGiantFedFriends207732_101555863188340_8325296_nIMG_0762

Originally posted on deafinprison:

By BitcoDavid

According to the Associated Press, and the Sacramento Bee, the California Court of Appeals has ordered the infamous Pelican Bay, to cease all race-based punishments with the exception of a riot or other emergency.  The order came down on January 23rd.

English: Pelican Bay State Prison

Pelican Bay State Prison (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Three Judges ruled unanimously, that the prison had to explore methods of controlling violence and substance abuse, other than long term segregation of ethnic groups. The ruling comes out of a 2010 lawsuit in which the plaintiff claimed that Pelican Bay had refused privileges to all Hispanic inmates, for 3 years, after a riot between the Northern and Southern Mexican gangs.

The California Department of Corrections counters that the 2 groups are at war, and need to be segregated from one another. Further, they claim that the only method of segregation is based on “validating” inmates as

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California Prison Overcrowding Hurts The Ladies at Chino


Thanks for posting this! What we as a society have to remember, is that most of these women are in prison for petty drug charges! Most of those women became addicted to drug and are from broken homes and are poverty stricken. Next, we have to remember that they are God’s little girls, someone’s daughter, someone’s sister and someone’s mother! I spent 10 years in California’s prisons and know that when they are overcrowded, it forces violence and gangs to grow! You can’t stick 160 people in a gym the size of a basketball court and expect 6 toilets to suffice! I started writing books from a cell in solitary to shine a light on our prison systems. I started writing books from a cell in solitary to shine a light on our prisons.


Glenn Langohr in the Orange County Register about his drug war and prison booksAuthor Glenn LangohrLock Up Diaries cover art with title-001Prison Riot By Glenn Langohr in Print, kindle or audio bookGlenn Langohr's Prison BookRoll Call's Book Cover by Glenn LangohrIMG_0762

Originally posted on Prison Reform Movement's Weblog:


CHOWCHILLA — Hundreds of people led by more than a dozen advocacy groups plan to converge on Chowchilla on Saturday to protest overcrowding at the Central California Women’s Facility.

At more than 180 percent of design capacity, the women’s prison is the most crowed facility in California, according to data from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

“It’s gender discrimination,” said Adrienne Roberts, campaign coordinator with California Coalition for Women Prisoners.

The coalition said it has received hundreds of letters from people inside the prison describing a lack of basic medical care, as well as limited access to job programs and legal resources.

“The system is not working,” Roberts said. “People are living in the most inhumane and insufferable conditions.”

The protest is scheduled for 3 p.m. in front of Valley State Prison outside Chowchilla.

Prison officials didn’t return calls seeking comment…

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High Desert State Prison is one of the Most Violent


Thanks for posting this! It sucks is that the rapist killed the other guy. Usually it is the other way around. High Desert is off the hook with prison politics. It is one of the craziest prisons in California because the Pelican Bay SHU releases prisoners done with their solitary time there and Salinas Valley, another level 4 fire cracker. I spent 10 years in some of California’s worst prisons on drug charges and started writing books from solitary confinement. God is good, now I have 8 published.


BestGlennCrouchmeu5mf-b781030719z.120121210140729000gkf1bg9kt.1prison_riotLock Up Diaries cover art with title-001Glenn Langohr's Prison BookGlenn Langohr's first Drug War Novel Roll Call

Originally posted on The Prison Enquirer:

I swear we just heard about a death at this prison.  What is this prison’s homicide rate??

Read the article here.

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Another great post by BitcoDavid at DEAFINPRISON…

Lock Up Diaries cover art with titleBestGlennCrouchPK4-100dpi13537495 (1)GiantFedFriendsprison_riotRollCallbookcover207732_101555863188340_8325296_n

Originally posted on deafinprison:

By BitcoDavid

This video by I Shot Him, a San Francisco based graphics studio, details the effects of America’s drug war, in Mexico and chronicles the violence by

¡Amigos! ¡Deportistas compañeros!

(Photo credit: Mike Licht,

Mexican Cartels and the military. The video is also available on YouTube, but only with their speech recognition captioning, which even in a simple – single voice – video such as this, is still horribly inaccurate. It’s 2 minutes long, but extremely informative.

It was published by the Washington Post, and brought to my attention by PrisonMovement’s Weblog. The video was Produced by, and created by I Shot Him. The DeafInPrison version was captioned by me.

Here’s the original YouTube link: 


BitcoDavid is a blogger and a blog site consultant. In former lives, he was an audio engineer, a videographer, a teacher – even a cab driver. He…

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